Swipe Right? 18 Hilarious Indonesian Tinder Profiles

Tinder is an online dating app. I'm not sure what Tinder is like in other countries, but I tried it out for the first time in Indonesia and decided that it rocks - not because I'm getting a ton of dates (I'm really not), mainly because it is the best source of entertainment ever! 

Here are 18 interesting, funny and outright weird profiles that I came across during my time swiping.

Please note, they're funny because of their description or profiles - not their appearance. Part 2 will feature funniest men's profiles.

Time is money - get hitched on Tinder!

I'm more of a dog guy...sorry...

The Exhibitionist

The Transgender Entrepreneur

Actually not a ladyboy (ouch)

Kids these days, they grow up so fast...

She's a punny one!

Oh, so you're a music lover hey? I like that.

Just, nothing.

Militant Feminist

Identity Crisis Chick

The Broke Chick

The Threatening Transgender

The 'realistic about my situation' chick


The Tooth Fairy

Is it just the one cat then?

and finally... the love of my life: