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10 Reasons Why Indonesia’s Susi Pudjiastuti Is On The BBC 100 Women List


10 Reasons Why Indonesia’s Susi Pudjiastuti Is On The BBC 100 Women List

Indonesia’s Minister For Maritime Affairs is one of the greatest women in the world, acorrding to the BBC. 

The BBC 100 Women recognises inspirational and innovative women of 2017. The goal of this years challenge is for the women involved to come together in teams to tackle the biggest issues facing women in the world today.

WowShack looks at the 10 reasons why Susi Pudjiastuti is a BBC 100 Woman…

1) She is a Tattooed, High School Drop-Out Minister In The Indonesian Government

  She is the first of her kind in Indonesian politics. Her meteoric rise has turned her into a pop culture icon, nationally and globally.

2) Self-Made Businesswoman

By leaving school early, she was able to start her own fishing business.

3) She’s Blown Up Hundreds Of Boats To Crack Down On Illegal And Unsustainable Fishing

President Jokowi knew that he was going to need “a crazy person in order to make a breakthrough”. He had just the woman for the job.

4) Consistantly Tops Polls For The Indonesian Politician With Highest Approval Rating

5) Will Go Against The Mainstream If She Needs To Get A Job Done

6) Likes The Beatles

WATCH her boogie away to “I Want To Hold Your Hand” during a routine inspection:

7)  Leonardo Di Caprio Admires Her

At recent UN summit, Leo stated his admiration for what she was doing for sustainable fishing, saying “She is leading the way in sustainable fishery management.”

Here she is after the tiring conference…

8) She Owns An Airline

Susi Airlines was created in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami. She had two small planes that she quickly used to fly to Aceh and help out first hand – as well as donating $40,000. Her planes continued to help out those affected, and out of that, susi air was born.

9) Member Of “Team Lead” In The BBC 100 Women Challenge

Being a part of the BBC 100 Women list comes with responsibility. Everyone joins a challenge they want to overcome for women in the world. As part of #Teamlead – it’s Susi’s ambition to promote leadership roles for women across the world.

10) She Cares

In a world where it’s hard to separate between the leaders who care and those who serve other ends, people respond to those who are genuine in their attempts to make the world a better place.

We couldn’t be prouder of Susi’s recognition and hope she continues to inspire young girls and boys, as well as established women and men. The world could certainly do with more like her.

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