Sulawesi Islanders Find a Fallen "Angel", Police Tell Them Otherwise

At the end of April 2016, reported of a incident that happened in Banggai islands of Central Sulawesi. Banggai, home to many fishing communities, suddenly became famous over the internet amongst Indonesians as it was reported that one man had found a 'fallen angel' washed ashore… What it actually was, is genuinely hilarious! 

The incident took place back on March 3 2016, as a local Banggai farmer, 21 year old Fardin, found a woman-like figure, totally deflated, dressed in everyday clothing.  He found it only 3 days after the solar eclipse (which was strongest in Sulawesi), and, as Indonesians are strongly superstitious, put two and two together and deduced that this was some kind of angel sent to him. 

Perhaps the best word to describe it would be a "bidadari", notes, a type of spirit Indonesian's believe in. 

The man then put photos of this 'holy gift' on his social media, dressed in full hijab, sarong and batik, where it spread like wildfire. The family, having found the doll dressed up, continued to change its clothes everyday. 

As word got out, the police had to investigate the so-called fallen angel, worried of a sensation spreading too far. They had to double check such claims. What they found, unfortunately, was not the doll of a descended angel, but actually, it was a sex doll ! 

The police chief was reported saying by Associated Press(via BBC) that these people have limited access to the internet where they live and the very idea of a sex doll was completely foreign to them - naturally they fell to superstition to explain such events! 

As you can imagine, the islanders weren't very happy...

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