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Colourful Street Art Transforming Greater Jakarta For Tourism


Colourful Street Art Transforming Greater Jakarta For Tourism

Is this Greater Jakarta or Penang?

Following the trend of Kampung Pelangi (Rainbow Village) in Central Java, young artists are adding some much-needed colour to Greater Jakarta. The hope is to attract more tourists on “Selfie-Tourism”. By using perspective art techniques, these street artists are able to create an incredible 3D effect that makes you go Woah Dude.

These fantastic paintings are from Jalan Danau Tondano and Kampung Geulis in Depok, as well as Gang Husada in South Tangerang. In what that the Jakarta Globe called:

“highly Instagramable…”

…this colourful street art is transforming Greater Jakarta.

Sold Down The River

This 3D painting on a road in Gang Husada is part of the South Tangerang City Government’s “Kampung Cantik” project.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Don’t Fall In!

Ever since the program, punishments for naughty children have escalated.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Hello, Kitty

In Kampung Geulis, Depok, this little girl has a new furry friend.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Wheel Of Fortune

Guelis means “beautiful” in Sundanese… it’s also become an acronym for Green Urban Lifestyle.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Sleeping With The Fishes

In Depok, this is as close to the ocean as you can get!

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Indonesian Charm

The street of Kampung Geulis is a part of Generasi Pesona Indonesia.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Paint Brush

On Jalan Danau Tonadano, Depok, this feisty Great White Shark could bite your hand off!

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Solving The Puzzle

These two young girls sit on a colourful rubricks cube on a once dreary wall.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

Magic Carpet

The street art revolution is becoming an inspiration to the imagination of the young children in the kampungs.

JG Photo / Yudha Baskoro

The likes of Depok and the rest of Greater Jakarta have rarely been associated with colour. But by unleashing the creative spirit of young people in their own communities, the grey and dull has been transformed into the vibrant and positive.

Here’s to a more colourful Jakarta!

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