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Steve Irwin’s Emotional Encounter with an Indonesian Orangutan


Steve Irwin’s Emotional Encounter with an Indonesian Orangutan

Many of us remember the Crocodile Hunter; he was the number one animal conversationist on television – we all loved him. Back in 1997, filming a show called ‘Faces in the Forest’, the Crocodile Hunter comes face-to-face with an Orangutan in the forests of Sumatra. Here we share a rare moment of Steve Irwin in Indonesia:

“I’ve had some wildlife encounters in my life, but the emotions I felt in my heart, I was nearly crying…” – Steve Irwin 

Steve Erwin in Indonesia 2

Orangutan’s are native to Indonesia and grow more endangered by the day, there are only 7,500 orangutans left in Sumatra according to WWF. Sadly, despite how similar we humans are to our friends in the forest, our own population shows little to no regards to these wildlife wonders. A mind-blowing 100,000 orangutans have been killed over 16 years in Borneo…

Steve Irwin, just in this small clip, proves how loving and affectionate these creatures are. Face-to-face with a mother orangutan he grows cautious, thinking she might be protective over her young. Yet, he’s pleasantly surprised when she accepts him with open arms.

The moment is so surprising to the fearless animal-lover that he actually gets emotional. Now, why can’t we love this native Indonesian as much as Steve Irwin did? That’s the real question…

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