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Snow and Frost Appear on Mount Bromo


Snow and Frost Appear on Mount Bromo

Hikers on Mt.Bromo, East Java, were surprised to find that areas of the mountain were covered in snow and frost! 

Recorded at 8.30am on Wednesday, 26 June 2019, a Bromo Jeep Tour operator reported over Instagram (@ojekgunung) that there was a blanket of snow covering the usually bare sand, dust and rock surface of the mountain. 

Photos from @ojekgunung

Of course, the high altitude areas of Java, like Bromo Tengger Semeru or the Dieng Plateau are no strangers to cold weather, especially through June-July.

Only last year (2018) were their reports of frost that clung to vegetation high in the hills of Dieng.


Currently, the average temperature in Bromo is around 14 degrees Celcius throughout the day, however for frost and snow to occur the temperature had to drop below 0 degrees Celcius for an extended period of time. The coldest periods of course in the middle of the night that usually reach low temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celcius – in this case, they went below.

Photos from @ojekgunung

Predictions by the ‘Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation’ are that is will not be a one-time occurrence this year, but these frosts and snow may continue until at least September 2019. 

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