“Seven Ghosts” – Amazing Tidal Bore Surfing On Sumatra's Kampar River

Only recently discovered by the international tidal river surfing community, the Bono Tidal Bore of the Kampar river in the Riau Province is drawing surfing communities from around the world to this amazing Indonesian pororocaThese tidal bores are known locally as “Bono”, which rush in with loud roaring sound at a speed of 40 kilometers an hour. The surf on the river can rise as high as 4 to 6 meters, at times creating barrels, perfect for surfing.

Although they are quite used to the phenomenon, local inhabitants are mostly scared when the Bono appears, which they believe are spirits of the Seven Ghosts. Many boats have sunk in this river when caught in the bore. The river is inhabited by crocodiles, which is why the surfers are usually escorted by rescue boats for their safety.