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Police Set Up A ‘Statue’ To Deter Traffic Offenders In A Clever Prank

Photo: SuaraSurabaya


Police Set Up A ‘Statue’ To Deter Traffic Offenders In A Clever Prank

Who knew the police could pull off such an elaborate prank?

In order to deter traffic violators, the Sidoarjo Police department recently decided to get creative and built a “police statue” in Bawah Layang Waru, Sidoarjo Regency.

The statue served a similar purpose to a scarecrow, but instead of crows, it was made to create fear among motorists intending to break the rules.

The results were successful at first – the police saw three days of orderly conduct thanks to the “policeman” standing at the crossing.

¬†However, it wasn’t long before the news spread that the diligent policeman standing at the intersection of Bawah Layang Waru was in fact just a statue. It wasn’t long before repeat offenders went back to their old ways, driving in the wrong direction under the flyover.

Even more creatively, members of the Sidoarjo Police department decided to replace the statue with an incredibly still, genuine police officer.

According to Twitter account @ndorokakung, when the police statue came to life, it took multiple offenders by surprise. The clever prank, which took place on Saturday (15/06/2019) resulted in the police catching two motorcyclists who were breaking the traffic rules.

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