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Don’t Miss PELASPAS: Jakarta’s New Creative Sunday Market


Don’t Miss PELASPAS: Jakarta’s New Creative Sunday Market

Amongst Jakarta’s smog, congestion and pollution – there is a space for the environmentally conscious to gather in a progressive atmosphere with the environment in mind. It’s called PELASPAS…

PELASPAS in Dharmawagnsa – South Jakarta’s neighbourhood living space – opens its doors to enthusiasts for all things handmade and organic. After a successful initial event, This Sunday, 26th of November, will give Jakarta residents the chance to meet small-business owners with a passion for creativity, quality products and a desire for social good. Many extend their support to developing communities of Indonesia.

So what exactly can you expect at PELASPAS?


 Naturally Dyed

This weekend’s highlight is a Shibori Natural Dye Workshop by Binzu. Beginning at 11:30 brunch time, SNCTRY will be providing an early snack prior to a hands-on lesson of this age-old Japanese colouring technique. Participants will be taken through four Shibori techniques – Itajime, Kumo, Chikuwa, Hachinosu – developed into many different patterns, the history of Shibori, and the process of creating natural dye. To get involved, RSVP is a must through – while spots last!


The People’s Market

The growing creative industry in Jakarta means more opportunities to create simple food products and accessories of value to the urban community. By upholding ethical values in production, consumption and/or disposal – brands involved with PALESPAS bring the traditions of the past to imagine a sustainable future. Crucially, they are doing it NOW.


SADAR – founded by rising thespian by Natasha Gott – sources home décor goods made from recycled and biodegradable materials in Java. At the inaugural event, her contribution to our beloved city successfully raised IDR 1 million from donations and sales to support the Pejaten Dog Shelter. Supporting Jakarta’s doggies are worth coming for alone!


Other creative products, such as ÀSHWORKS by Cassandra Louise and Zahra Athaya, highlight nature-based design and alternative mediums such as concrete ceramics. Louise and Zahra say,

“there are a lot of local brands that produce handmade products but aren’t being exposed enough… creating a monthly market for these brands will help expose them while at the same time educating the customers to be more appreciative.”


The products, the art and impact towards Jakarta’s residents – as buyers and as citizens – are crucial to the stories behind the brands. These trends in Indonesian’s consumer market are testament to the desire to combine environmental well-being with the economic progress.


In this vein, the event is generously supported by Avani – the innovative Indonesian company who’s unreserved goal is to rid the country, and the world, of single-use plastics. Every plastic bag is replaced by biodegradable packaging!


Sunday Specials

For the health-conscious, SNCTRY is giving 10% off all drinks and dishes. The same goes for HOME MATE Icebar for all their fruity and matcha shaved iced Kakigoris. More new foods to taste and new mixes to sip on all day starting 9 AM this Sunday.

Finally, the socially and environmentally concerned have a space to breath in Jakarta.

And what could be more quintessentially Indonesian than sipping on coffee, shopping for locally sourced goods and laughing with friends on a Sunday?


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