Nightmare In Indonesia - Inside The JIS Teachers Scandal (Video)

The ongoing pantomime is like something out of a Hollywood movie.

A movie where the audience can see their innocence as clear as day, yet powerful forces prevent the teachers from tasting freedom.  

For the first time, Canadian network CBC have gone further than anyone to investigate the case. Both sides of the case are investigated, the evidence is expertly examined, while the entire atmosphere of the community is brilliantly captured.

Nightmare in Indonesia is the most revealing investigation into Indonesia’s most scandalous court cases in years…

Nightmare In Indonesia

CBC News Publication - Nightmare In Indonesia: The Fifth Estate

Released from incarceration, teachers Neil Bantleman and Ferdi Tijong are men who are living in an uncomfortable limbo land. Men presumed innocent enough to be released from prison, though not entirely cleared from guilt to be able to return home.

To reiterate perhaps the most important element of the film, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to state sexual abuse ever took place.

In addition, the cleaners were convicted on much of the same evidence as Neil and Ferdi, with confessions extracted under torture. They continue to serve a 7-8 year sentence and have exhausted all their legal avenues.

This is also evidence of something particularly chilling – the cheapness of an Indonesian's life compared to the moneyed expat in the eyes of Indonesia’s own justice system.

A lingering question remains: Can the truth be delivered in Indonesia when justice isn’t blind?