7 Things You Don’t Know About Eko Yuli Irawan

Let's congratulate Indonesia national weightlifter, Eko Yuli Irawan for winning the second silver medal for Indonesia! The first silver medal was won by Sri Wahyuni in weightlifting female 48 kilogram category. And then on local time Monday evening, The Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil announced that Eko Yuli Irawan has won the silver medal in the category of weightlifting mens 62 kilogram. And now, take your time to read some informations to help you get to know him better! 

1. Eko was a football athlete dreamer

Eko never dreamed to become a weightlifter. Instead as a child, he has the dream of becoming a professional football player and wants to join Sekolah Sepak Bola (SSB). But the dream wasn’t reachable since the family weren’t able to afford the SSB expenses.

2. Eko was a Shepherd

Eko’s childhood memories are filled with him as an elementary student in the morning and a shepherd in the afternoon.

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3. Eko was born in a family with economic difficulty

His Father Saman, work everyday on cycle rickshaw and wandering around the town to get costumers while his mother, Wastiah is a greengrocer.

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4. Small curiousity led him to a bigger opportunities

On 2000, Eko as a child shepherd the goats afterschool. While playing around with his friends, they discovered a Sports camps nearby and take a sneak peek on it until they were offered to join the Sports camps. “During those times, at first I just curious to see how they train, even we got kicked out from the Sports camps. But the I was triggered to see more of it. Until finally, I was offered to join the weightlift training by the trainer.” (source: tokohindonesia.com)

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5. Tiredness and sore muscles never beat the passion

On the early 2001, Eko together with his friends joined the weightlifting training. But due to the hard training, most of his friends quit. And Eko himself, feel tired and sometimes thinking on ditching the training classes. But later, he did not regret that he continues the training. 

6. Eko is the only weightlifter that wins 3 Olympics’ medals in a row.

So far, Eko has won 3 medals from the Olympic Games which are: Olympic Games 2008 - Bronze Medal Olympic Games 2012 - Bronze Medal Olympic Games 2016 - Silver Medal

Photo : www.bbc.com

Photo : www.bbc.com

7. “Am I not supposed to get money for winning the gold medals?”

After he joined the Sports Camps and began the training of weightlifting, in less than a year, Eko got the gold medal in National competition, Kejuaraan Nasional Remaja. During those times, because he made it to the first place, he thought that he is supposed to get money from it when he is actually not. “People said that if I can get the gold (1st place), I also get money. But why they just give me the gold medal?” (tokohindonesia.com)