New Atlantis - Crazy Photos of Jakarta Underwater 2015

The 9th February gave a new meaning to the phrase "Monday Blues". And when the steady trickle of rain turns into an endless downpour, Jakartans know what to expect...

Before you could say Selamat Siang, Jakarta’s roads looked like the Chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate factory - though probably didn't taste like it. 

Here are a few pictures that illustrate the mayhem:  

The Heart Of Floodness 

Instagram user 'ellyshuang'

Instagram user 'ellyshuang'

National Palace

Bus Lane Turned Bus Lake

And The Inevitable Macet

Instagram user 'g4rys'

Instagram user 'g4rys'

Though It Didn't Stop Jakarta's Moto GP

Except This Guy... 

Surf's Up

Terrifying footage recorded from within a car

Instagram user 'ellyshuang'

Instagram user 'ellyshuang'

Here, We See The Exit Strategy

And The Real Struggle...

But Never Fear - Ultraman To The Rescue!

And His Minions

Schoolboys Staying Positive

With the amount of floods Jakarta has experienced down the years, we see this as inevitable this time of year.

But this only proves that, as the roads get more congested and the flooding worse, Jakarta is in desperate need for proper infrastructure to deal with the rain. 

In the mean time, we hope you have stayed safe, and our hearts go out to those who won't be sleeping at home tonight.

Stay safe Jakarta.