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5 Mountains You Need To Climb In Indonesia


5 Mountains You Need To Climb In Indonesia

You’re in the Ring of Fire!

Indonesia is a geographical wonder, with mountains and volcanoes spread throughout the archipelago. There are of course those particularly
spectacular mountains that, when climbed, give you that particular feeling; that jaw-droppingOhman I’ve done it, damn this is a beautiful feeling.

Now, we’re not talking about Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) or Puncak Mandala here, which both tower over 4,500m. We’re talking about you, the average guy or girl, what you need to climb and what you can climb – we’re not stupid here at WowShack, we don’t want to be blamed for the deaths of rookie rock climbers and trekkers.

So here we present our 5 Mountains You Need to Climb in Indonesia…

1) Mt Batur, Bali
– 1,717m –

Simply a wondrous sight to behold and helps to bring you to a different side of Bali, away from that usual beach holiday you’re after. Green and lush, this active volcano is also home to a Caldera lake which adds to that serene natural ambiance you’re after. The sunrise trek up this ‘Gunung’ is a big winner.

2) Mt. Kelimutu, Flores
– 1,639m –

This is a really rare and unique mountain, mainly because of the work – the reward ratio is totally skewed. The walk is easy and the view from the top is astounding. The prize? Once you reach the top, you’re welcome by two lakes sat side-by-side, called the three coloured lakes.

3) Mt. Agung, Bali
– 3,031m –

Yes, another one in Bali! This majestic mountain, worshipped by the Balinese who have built temples up it’s sides, is an amazing experience. If you do the sunrise trek the skies are filled with stars and as you walk up further, you begin to see the whole outline of Bali’s coast. Not for the faint of heart as there are some sheer drops and some difficult sections near the top. But, there’s a great mix of landscape during this trek. In this photo, Mt. Rinjani can be seen on the horizon.

4) Ijen Crater, East Java
-2,799m –

Another amazing piece of geography found in the country. The Ijen crater is home to Kawah Ijen, an unbelievable turquoise lake found within the Caldera. It is blue from the extreme sulphur acidity, which in turn has created another amazing attraction; the blue sulphur flames. These flames, which can reach up to 5m high, glow bright blue in the night and are an attraction for hikers.

5) Mt. Rinjani, Lombok
– 3,726m –

Passing the Wallace line from Bali to Lombok, you find yourself in a new world of fauna and flora. Rinjani is the perfect setting to experience the wonders of Lombok! Towering high at 3,726m this active volcano is not for those just looking for a morning walk. With its steep inclines and sliding sand paths, this is a difficult trek, but well worth it. Once you reach the craters edge, probably with legs of jelly, you are welcomed with an amazing vista of the azure crater lake, Segara Anak.

Note: Guys, these are mountains, not walks in the park. Get a proper guide and do your research before climbing any of these. Some pre-trip exercise could help as well, maybe? Here are some links that you will find useful:

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