Make America Great Again: Indonesian Vlogger Makes His Own Fan Song For Donald Trump

For reasons unknown, this Indonesian man is a huge Donald Trump supporter. So much so that he made his very own song for the President-Elect, and how he is going to Make America Great Again. 

One of Wowshack's recent Facebook posts, this very same man, identified as "Ready Swan" on YouTube (his Vlog alias) commented and shared with us that he had made a song for the controversial to-be-President of the United States:- 

Of course, curiosity got the better of us at WowShack and we sure were glad to have followed through. This is quite some video. Watch Ready Swan's faux-stage performance, "introduced" by Donald Trump, of his very own "Make America Great Again" song. 

From the video's description, it's clear that Ready Swan has the best of intentions - he's a believer in world peace, he doesn't want any more wars and he sings to improve his confidence - good for you Ready Swan! You have a lot of energic, although somebody may have to go through Trump's policies with you…