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Leonardo DiCaprio Explores Sumatran Forest In A Nat Geo Climate Change Documentary

Photo: National Geographic


Leonardo DiCaprio Explores Sumatran Forest In A Nat Geo Climate Change Documentary

Before The Flood is the newly released documentary by National Geographic featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. The documentary sees the Academy Award Winning actor fly around the globe to find evidence of climate change and its causes.

One of the stops was, of course, Indonesia, home to the worst forest fires on the planet…

In the video below, DiCaprio heads to Sumatra. Here he lays witness to the masses of deforestation that has ravaged the lands. He sees just how much land the palm oil industry (just one of the reasons for deforestation) has taken, replacing the primary forest that is so crucial in Carbon Dioxide absorption for the world’s atmosphere.

DiCaprio visits the Leuser Ecosystem, one of the last places in Indonesia, let alone the Earth, where tigers, rhinos, and elephants all roam wild together. He sees first hand the effects that huge forest fires and deforestation have taken on animals and the ecosystems.

Watch below, a section of Before The Flood:

The video really is an eye-opener for many reasons. It shows how fragile our forests really are, how much land we have already lost, how much damage the palm oil industry has caused and to make matters worse, it shows how ingrained palm oil products are in each one of our lives.

The question now is… what change will you make?

Before The Flood is an amazing documentary that helps us see how far we have come into climate change. No, it does not have a deadline, it is not a date for the apocalypse. It is happening now, all around us, every day. It is cooking us slowly without us even knowing – much like a frog in a pot of boiling water. Watch the whole movie as it will surely open your eyes to where we are today.

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