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12 Obvious Reasons To Choose Kuta Lombok Over Kuta Bali


12 Obvious Reasons To Choose Kuta Lombok Over Kuta Bali

Does the idea of holidaying in Kuta Bali physically repulse you?

Understandably. What was once a picturesque beach has been transformed into the Tijuana, Magaluf, Kovos (etc.) of Indonesia. But what if there was a spot that was like the Kuta of 20 years ago just an island away? And what if it was also called Kuta?

Kuta Lombok has been growing in popularity yet has all the advantages that Kuta Bali has lost.

If you’ve had enough of the crowds of the Kuta in Bali, here’s 12 reasons to try the one in Lombok…

1) Quieter

With the loutish crowds still flocking to Bali’s Kuta like a moth to a flame, Lombok’s Kuta is free to be the tranquil beach spot that first attracted the original adventures to an unrecognizable 1970’s Jl. Legian.

2) Less Traffic

Leave congested oneway road systems in the nightmare holidays of the past. The only entities that may cause you to pause on the roads are the quaint scenes of buffalo troops or brave chickens that abruptly decide to cross the road.

3) Learning to Surf

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf on your Balinese holiday, but haven’t through fear of offending the Golden-haired masters of the waves who look down on noobs with contempt?

Fear no longer, as the wide beaches, tamer waves and talented surf schools offer the perfect places to learn at your heart’s content, free in the knowledge that the seasoned pros are still clustering on the Kuta beach of yesteryear.

4) Renting a Motorbike and just Riding…

The freedom from traffic, the immediate hills, and rustic scenery lend itself to leisurely bike rides that even a novice could master. Let that sea refreshing sea breeze rush past your hair as you thank yourself for not going back to Kuta Bali for the Billionth time.

Perhaps the best part of the Kuta in Lombok is the many beach coves it boasts, all a bike ride away from each other.

5) Kuta Beach

Pantai Kuta is the main beach in the area that has developed a promenade with a Mediterranean feel. Eateries serving local and foreign delicacies have popped up along the beachfront, where Lombok’s locals and tourists share their Instagram beach moments.

6) Mawun Beach

A Cove to the West is why you come to Kuta Lombok.

Mawun beach is littered with little shacks to rent your sunbeds and treat yourself to some holiday Bintangs if you so desire, without being surrounded by the touring Rugby team taking it to another level.

7) Selong Beach

Fancy another beach?

Selong Beach further down the road provides a few more spots to chill as well as a welcoming resort restaurant on the beach. Narrow Lombok boats moored away from the shore provide a phenomenal seaside view.

8) Tanjung Aan Beach

Still not enough beach?

Just to the East of Pantai Kuta, Tanjung Aan Beach is another option of turquoise sea that you might have got 20 years ago in Bali’s Kuta.

9) Yoga

For those who like to exercise spiritually as well as physically, Kuta Lombok provides Yoga options derserving of the setting. Mana Lombok offers excellent practices, while Ashtari has a studio that looks like the realization of a Yogi Master’s nirvana moment after an especially deep meditation.

10) Merese Hills

Because beachside sunsets are so cliche.

11) Cheeky Massage

There are plentiful massage options in Kuta Lombok. One stand out spa is Rainbow Spa – a hidden, almost ominous house on Jl. Praya Timur that has therapists that aren’t afraid to find, pursue and relieve any knot you may have remaining from the stresses of home.

12) Jl Raya Kuta – “The Strip”

To compare Jl. Raya Kuta to Jl. Legian… well, there is no comparison.

Gone are your worries of getting ripped off for a taxi to just get stuck in immovable traffic and introduce yourself to the cute eateries and bars emerging in the area. El Bazar’s food, in particular, is top notch, while Juice and Booze Bar is an establishment with as much swagger as anywhere in trendy Canggu.

Kuta Lombok is a place that is also striving to not repeat the mistakes of Kuta Bali. In many establishments, your drinks come with paper straws or with the #iamnotplastic stamp of a place that cares about the environment.

This is the appeal.

And with development projects well into the next decade, it’s expecting to grow in popularity. That’s why the time to go is now.

Before the hoards of Kuta Bali realize what they are missing.

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