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Joe Taslim Cast as Sub-Zero in New Mortal Kombat Movie


Joe Taslim Cast as Sub-Zero in New Mortal Kombat Movie

If news of a new Mortal Kombat movie isn’t enough to celebrate about, Indonesian fans will cheer at the news that actor Joe Taslim has been cast to play the iconic character Sub-Zero. 

The Mortal Kombat video game franchise is the most lucrative game franchise in the world, having sold more than 49 million copies of (different versions of) the game since it was released in 1992. 

Even though a live action movie adaptation has been done (1995), Hollywood’s first attempt did not quite do the story justice – despite becoming a ‘cult classic’ amongst some circles.

Whilst details are still vague, we do know that the new adaption is set to film later this year (2019) in South Australia, and was adapted by James Wan with a script by Greg Russo. 

Sub-Zero, one of the most iconic characters of the Mortal Kombat world, is known for his ‘ice’ powers and also his rivalry with Scorpion. 

Joe Taslim Sub-Zero Motal Kombat 3
Who’s ready to see Joe’s iconic eyebrows behind the Sub-Zero mask?

No doubt with Joe Taslim’s experience in Hollywood (Fast & Furious 6, Star Trek Beyond) as well as action (The Raid Redemption, The Night Comes for Us), he will do the character justice! 

Let’s just hope he isn’t the character to be on the receiving end of “FINISH HIM!”

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