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Japanese Athletes Return Home From Asian Games After Prosititue Scandal


Japanese Athletes Return Home From Asian Games After Prosititue Scandal

The Japanese Prostitute Scandal has seen 4 players from the men’s basketball team sent home from the Asian Games.

The players have been stripped of their membership of the national team as their conduct violated the committee’s rules.

The perpetrators were Yuya Nagayoshi, 27, Takuya Hashimoto, 23, Takuma Sato, 23, and Keita Imamura, 22. They expressed their sincere apologies for their transgression.

Nagayoshi stated:

 “Because of our thoughtless behavior, we have caused tremendous trouble. We are taking a hard look at what we have done.”

The story goes that the four players left the athletes village after 10 pm on Thursday. Later in the evening, still wearing their team uniforms, they journeyed to Jakarta’s Red Light District: Block M.

Jakarta Globe

After a few drinks, they were approached by sex workers on the street. Aided by Japanese men, who happened to be at Block M, acted as translators and helped in the night time negotiations with the women.

After paying Rp. 1.2 million (USD82) each, they took the women to a nearby hotel. They did not report back to the village until 2.30am Friday.

It is not clear how their actions surfaced, but what is clear is that the Japanese Olympic Committee sentence was swift and merciless.

Yamashita, head of the 762  Japanese athlete delegation, stated:

“There were actions that violated the national team’s code of conduct…and it betrayed the expectations of Japanese citizens. As the chief of the delegation, it is very regrettable and I deeply apologize from the bottom my heart.”

The players were sent home, and ordered to pay their own fares home.

Watch the footage of the Japanese basketball players returning home:

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