Jamu: Become Superhuman with this Indonesian Herbal Remedy!

Anti-biotics? Supplements? Vitamin Pills? No thanks - Indonesia has its very own natural remedies and they can heal pretty much anything!

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian health drink made from a mixture of roots, leaves, fruits, vegetables, plant skins and, sometimes, even strange animal parts! They are (traditionally) completely natural concoctions. They are the natural medicines of Indonesia's past.

These magical cures together can heal almost anything!  

Here are 7 example recipes to get you going on your Jamu Journey:

1. Beras Kencur

Do you have bodily aches, chesty coughs, poor appetite, low energy or flatulence? Worry not, as this jamu will help all of those things. Mainly derived from rice and aromatic ginger with added turmeric, tamarind, clove and palm sugar, Jamu Beras Kencur will have you healed after a tough day of work. 



2. Cabe Puyang 

Mainly made from a mixture of chili, lempuyang (or zingiber, a true ginger) Jamu Cabe Puyang is said to aid ease sore muscles, especially a sore back; ease cramps; stop pins and needles; and improve the production of red blood cells. 

(It is also said if pregnant women drink this often, their babies will come out 'clean' and without a 'fishy smell').

3. Kunyit Asem

Looking to lose weight? Try out some Jamu Kunyit Asem. A sweet and sour drink mainly based around turmeric and tamarind, it is said to facilitate slimming. So forget the gym memberships and ditch the dumbells guys, get your hands on some kunyit asem.

Other benefits are improving blood circulation, heal sore stomachs, reduces heartburn and alleviates ulcers.
(Not suitable for pregnant women)

Edited from rootsbeautyclinic.com

Edited from rootsbeautyclinic.com

4. Pahitan

Do you suffer from bad body odour? Fear not, as Pahitan is here to help! Pahit means bitter so you already know how it tastes: it is derived from 'green chirayta', or 'king of bitters', and additional herbs. It helps in a huge range of ailments: reducing bad bodily smells, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, cleansing of the blood, headaches and even acne! 

Edited from jezebel.com

Edited from jezebel.com

5. For the mothers: Jamu Uyup-Uyup

Made from a mixture of ginger, cutcherry, siamese ginger and others, this unique drink is said to aid in conceiving children and also help increase production of breast milk. You won't be 'going dry' with a glass of this!

6. For the men: Jamu Kuat (aka Kuku Bima)

Yes, men, there's even a special jamu for your little guy. Well, hopefully with this he won't be so little. Jamu kuat or 'strength jamu' is a special recipe to improve sexual drive and 'stamina' in bed. The culprit is the root 'ginseng' and it'll take you from zero to hero!

7. For the ladies: Jamu Kunci Suruh

Worry not ladies, there's some benefits for you too! Your helping hand is the betel leaves and the (believe it or not) fingerroot. The benefits? Reducing vaginal discharge, tightening of the vagina, reducing vaginal odour oh and, it also strengthens your teeth (but who cares about that). 

Just look how nice her teeth are!

So what are you waiting for? Cure your ailments now and become a better, faster, stronger person with Jamu. Just look out for one of these lovely tukang jamu ladies carrying a basket on their backs: