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Jamie Oliver Cooks Gado-Gado, Does He Do The Dish Justice?


Jamie Oliver Cooks Gado-Gado, Does He Do The Dish Justice?

The famous British TV Chef Jamie Oliver, otherwise known as the ‘Naked Chef’ takes on a classic Indonesian dish, Gado-Gado, as part of his ‘Jamie’s Comfort Food’ series.

Now, Indonesians are always so defensive when somebody non-Indonesian attempts to take on an Indonesian dish, as when it comes to our cuisine we are hardcore traditionalists and believe that no one knows better than the bapak-bapak and ibu-ibu on the side.

But in his back garden, with lots of fresh ingredients on his table, Jamie Oliver gets to preparing this special Indo salad – what do you think of his version?

Well, his version may not be exactly like we do it back home, but it certainly does look fresh and delicious – perhaps healthier than the average gado-gado we get as well! But it’s great that an Indonesian dish gets so much recognition from Naked, who seems to really love it. Thanks for spreading the word Jamie Oliver!

Not how you’d cook it? Share in the comments below what would make a better gado-gado!

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