Is this the answer to flooding in Indonesian cities?

We all know that Indonesia has a flooding issue, especially in Jakarta which we saw last February 2015. However, Tech Insider has recently featured an amazing new invention that could be the answer to our flooding problems!

In Indonesia we suffer from a lot of flash flooding in urban areas, caused by heavy rains landing on impermeable surfaces (concrete, tarmac, etc) and therefore not absorbing into the ground. All that running water rushes to streams, rivers or sewage systems which overflow and cause urban flooding. 

So basically, if water is absorbed into the ground (infiltration) we reduce the risk of flooding. Tarmac has created a new, 'thirsty' concrete called 'Topmix Permeable' which is porous, allowing water to seep down through it into the ground below.

It absorbs up to 880 gallons, watch it in action:-

Hopefully, Indonesia will take this technology up at some point. If not, well, we know that as Indonesians we don't let the floods get us down anyway!