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World’s Busiest International Airline Flight Routes: Jakarta-Singapore World’s 3rd Busiest

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World’s Busiest International Airline Flight Routes: Jakarta-Singapore World’s 3rd Busiest

Two of the busiest international air routes in the world are found in Indonesia.

According to flight data website, Jakarta to Singapore is the world’s third busiest international air route, with 26,872 flights a year.

And Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur is the fourth busiest international route in the world, flying 20,890 times a year.

The world’s busiest international air route is in Hong Kong to Taipei, with airlines flying 29,494 times a year.

Of the top ten, eight routes were Asian. The busiest route outside of Asia is New York to Toronto, the sixth busiest with 17,116 flights a year, followed by Dublin to London, the ninth busiest route in the world (14,556 flights).

However, overall the top 10 busiest routes were domestic.

The world’s busiest air route is in South Korea, from the holiday island of Jeju to the capital of Seoul. Airlines fly the route a whopping 64,991 times a year.

World’s 10 busiest air routes
Jeju-Seoul, South Korea: 64,991
Melbourne-Sydney, Australia: 54,519
Mumbai-Delhi, India: 47,462
Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda, Japan: 42,835
Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo Congonhas, Brazil: 39,325
Sapporo-Tokyo, Japan: 38,389
Los Angeles-San Francisco, USA: 34,897
Brisbane-Sydney, Australia: 33,765
Cape Town-Johannesburg, South Africa: 31,914
Beijing-Shanghai, China: 30,029

World’s busiest international air routes
Hong Kong-Taipei: 29,494
Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 29,383
Jakarta-Singapore: 26,872
Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur: 20,890
Hong Kong-Shanghai: 20,818
New York La Guardia-Toronto: 17,116
Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon: 16,366
Beijing-Hong Kong: 14,592
Dublin-London Heathrow: 14,556
Bangkok-Singapore: 14,455

Based on the largest global routes by total number of flights (arriving and departing) for domestic and international routes for jet operations only. Source:

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