26 Unique Indonesian Houses You Won't Believe People Really Live In

With Indonesia's cultural diversity comes a fantastic architectural   variety. Only by showcasing dwellings from across Indonesia can a true depiction of uniqueness be shown.

And by unique, we mean really unique

Here are 26 examples of why it's all about Indonesia's unique houses...


You know Sumatrans mean business when their houses look like buffalo horns. A traditional home of the Minangkabau People 

Or A Chillah Toba Batak House


It's not all hotels and concrete villas. We're lovin' the bamboo chic...

By The Seaside 


These new-age, affordable and ergonomic domes that were built after the Tsunami in Aceh look like they belong on the moon!


The classic Javanese Joglo design.

... And how the ancestors experienced it


Betang House, A Government House in Central Kalimantan 

A Taste Of Modernity

Indonesian architecture is boldly stepping into the future too, with Tanah Teduh


Returning to a good old throw back from Sumba.


Does it get more unique than a Tongkonan house?

West Papua

The Korowai people have some of the best tree houses in the world

... See?

Raja Ampat 

And finally, because Raja Ampat...

So now you're sick of your house, which one from the list would you pick to live in?