Indonesia's New Years Resolutions

At the end of every year, people look back and reflect on the last 365 days; was it successful? Did their lives ‘advance’ since the year before? Often, we think back to the resolutions we made at the start of the year gone by and revise whether we actually did the things we set out to do… usually we don’t. Still, the year ahead is filled with new hopes and new promises. We thought, why must resolutions be reserved for people, nations should also have resolutions for the coming year.

Here are WowShack’s suggestions for Indonesia’s New Years Resolutions

1) Stop Smoking

65% of Indonesian men smoke, together with 5% of the Indonesian women, meaning that around a third of the Indonesian population are smokers. Even Indonesian babies are smoking. Now, it isn't exactly a myth anymore that smoking is bad for our health and the effects of smoking are costing the state huge sums in healthcare.

2) Lose Weight

Indonesia, with its growing middle-class and increase in restaurants and food choices is seeing a rise in its waistline. With countless fast-food joints, fried street snacks and super sweet drinks in your local mini mart, it’s of no surprise that over 20% of people aged 18 and above have a BMI greater than 27 (30+ is obese). With heart disease, strokes and diabetes linked to weight gain, it is far more a health related issue rather than an aesthetic one.

3) Go Green

Now Indonesia is the world’s biggest deforester in the world, things need to change! The problem doesn't stop there though; we have lots of problems from rubbish issues, to air pollution. Is a resource-based economy the answer?

Getty Images

Getty Images

4) Travel More

With thousands of islands to explore, jungles to rummage through, exotic animals to see and heritage sites to gaze upon, we have no excuse NOT to travel. It would be great to see Indonesian’s exploring their own destinations before heading over to the likes of Singapore and beyond…

5) Be More Social

Gone are the days of talking to people face-to-face. Indonesia is set on a path to chronic ‘text neck’ and social inability. George Monbiot says that loneliness is killing us- we are definitely on our way there. Dinner party? Phone’s more interesting. Rave? Phone’s more interesting. Brother’s graduation ceremony? Phone’s definitely more interesting. Lets make an effort to make some human contact in 2015 Indonesia!

6) Help The Poor 

As our economy grows, it seems that the rich get richer but the poor stay the same. Still, according do associated press, 40% of the population still live with less than $2 a day… that doesn’t even get you a simple Americano coffee in Starbucks. Why not pursue some philanthropic activities in the coming year and volunteer or donate to the many charities dotted around the country. Same goes for the Government- lets hope more is done to improve inequality.

7) Reduce Corruption

According to corruption perception research, 91% of Indonesians believe that corruption is widespread in the public sector and 86% believe it is widespread within the private sector. That’s probably a sign for change. Associated Press quote Corruption Agency’s secretary Eko Haryanto as saying “The state suffered losses of Rp 381 billion (US$32 million) in 2012 and Rp 111 billion in 2013 from corruption”. This is old news, but something we must continue to strive for.

8) Keep Reading WowShack

We’ve been around since October 2014 and have seen a huge rise in interest in the last 3 months. We thank all of our readers and viewers for sharing, liking, reading, commenting, giving us abuse, giving us love – seriously, thanks everyone. We hope that we can continue to inform and entertain you in 2015. 

So this is it, 2015, a new set of promises, dreams and challenges. Surely you have your own opinion on what Indonesia needs to work on in the year ahead. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and input!