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Indonesian Woman Says A ‘Gust Of Wind’ Made Her Pregnant Resulting In Police Investigation


Indonesian Woman Says A ‘Gust Of Wind’ Made Her Pregnant Resulting In Police Investigation

Indonesian police in the town of Cianjur, West Java, are looking into a strange claim made by a 25-year-old woman, Siti Zainah, who says that she was made pregnant by a gust of wind – not via sexual intercourse – and proceeded to give birth to a baby girl.

What’s more, Zainah claims that it all happened within a 1-hour period. According to news outlets, she apparently found herself pregnant one Wednesday afternoon whilst hanging out in her living room.

“After afternoon prayers, I was lying face down on the floor when I suddenly felt wind enter my body through my vagina,” she told a local news outlet.

She said that she felt a painful sensation in her stomach 15 minutes after the incident, and a bump appeared to grow bigger. Shortly after, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a nearby community clinic.

Zainah’s story spread rapidly, earning her widespread attention and an investigation by the police. Over the weekend, the head of the sub-precinct and the head of the local community clinic visited the mother – who already had one child with an ex-husband that she separated from four months prior – and her newborn.

The baby that Siti gave birth to. Credit: Newsflash

The baby that Siti gave birth to. Credit: Newsflash

“After checks, the mother and baby are healthy and the birth was normal. The baby’s gender is female and weighs 2.9 kilograms,” said the head of the community clinic Eman Suleiman.


According to Suleiman, the incident was likely a case of cryptic pregnancy, where the mother isn’t actually aware of her own pregnancy until the moment she enters labor – the most probable explanation and one that dismisses her claims of having a one-hour gestation period before birthing her baby girl.

Police investigating the issue have noted all possibilities, including her previous marriage to her now-separated husband.

“We want to clear up the confusing news about the woman’s birth which many perceive to be unnatural,” said the sub-precinct chief Sumardi. “We want to avoid this incident from creating rumors among the public.”

Some have suggested that Zainah also possibly used the story as a cover-up for a pregnancy outside of wedlock – a stigma-loaded circumstance that tends to draw plenty of scrutiny and ire within Indonesia’s more religious communities.

Credit: Newsflash

Credit: Newsflash

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