Indonesian Truck Art: 21 Pictures That Show Everyone Can Be Artist

As we sit in traffic, or cruise down the tol road, it's easy to overlook the incredibly interesting paintings on the back of everyday trucks. From murals to meaningful messages, and the odd sexy lady, the truck art of Indonesia shows us that anyone and everyone can be an artist...

1) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

2) Kids these days...

3) 'Proklamator'

4) Temples of Turkey


5) Garuda

6) Arabian Nights

7) Presidential Precedence

8) Marlboro Man

9) Puncak

10) Motocross Mayhem

11) Stir It Up

12) Shangrila 

13) Save Palestine

14) Holy 'Sipirit'

15) "Prayers bring blessings"

16) A La John Wayne

17) "My wife left me, because of an SMS"

18) "Your wife used to be my girlfriend"

19) 2 kids is better, 2 wives is more satisfying

20) Love / Lust

21) 2 Wives Is Better