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10 Indonesian Tongue Twisters We Dare You To Try


10 Indonesian Tongue Twisters We Dare You To Try

Bahasa Indonesia can have some challenging phrases to understand.

Tongue twisters or “pembelit lidah” are just as much a part of Indonesian culture as any other. No matter what language you’re doing one in, it’s always fun to get your tongue in a knot trying to master the various sticky rhymes and labyrinthine limericks!

So here are 10 of our favourite Indonesian tongue twisters…

1) Ular Melingkar Di Atas Pagar
(Translation: A snake coils atop the fence)

2) Satu Ribu, Dua Biru, Tiga Ribu, Empat Biru… and so on
(Translation: One thousand, two blue, three thousand, four blue…)

3) Kelapa di Parut, Kepala di Garuk (Repeat)
(Translation: Grate the coconut, scratch your head)

4) Satu Satay, Tujuh Tusuk (Repeat)
(Translation: One satay, seven sticks)

5) Tongkat Kontak Tongkol (Repeat)
(Translation: Stick, contact, Cob)

Okay, now it gets a little harder guys…
6) Dudung, ambilkan dandang di dinding dong, Dung!
(Translation: Dudung, get me the rice-cooker from the wall won’t you, Dung?)

7) Kucing kuningku, kencing di kunci-kunciku
(Translation: My yellow cat peed on my keys)

8) Engkau ulung guling ulang ulas suling
(Translation: You are talented at rolling over flute covers)

9) Kuku kaki kakak-kakak ku kayak kuku kaki kakek-kakek ku
(Translation: My older siblings’ toe nails are like my grandfathers’ toe nails)

10) Kutuku butuh tubuhku, tapi tubuhku tak butuh kutuku
(Translation: My fleas need my body, but my body doesn’t need my fleas)

So there you have it, folks, 10 Indonesian tongue twisters to practice… although, we suggest avoiding public practices. Hopefully, your tongue doesn’t need too much straightening out afterwards!

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