Indonesia Is The 16th Most Vegetarian Friendly Country In The World

Who would have thought Indonesia was so veggie friendly?

Jamie Oliver, no stranger to the perfect Gado Gado, is the man behind the World Ranking. The Global Vegetarian Index is based on three metrics: number of vegetarian restaurants, number of vegetarian restaurants in relation to population size and the annual meat consumption per capita. Jamie’s website Oliver’s Travels created  the Index and ranked Indonesia as the 16th most vegetarian country in the world. 

According to the Global Vegetarian Index, Indonesia has:

Annual meat Consumption per capita = 11.6kg
Number of Vegetarian restaurants = 438
Number of People per Vegetarian Restaurant = 603,000
Global Vegetarian Index Score = 280

While Indonesia scored lower than noisy neighbours Singapore and Malaysia, we did beat regional rivals Australia by a single Index point.

There is some debate regarding the trustworthiness of the study – e.g. how can India’s dedication to vegetarianism on such a large scale be so underrepresented. Quite frankly, we are a fan of any list that puts Indonesia ahead of Australia, however small the margin!

WowShack Team

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