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14 Forgotten Pictures Of Indonesia From Reddit’s History Page


14 Forgotten Pictures Of Indonesia From Reddit’s History Page

Indonesia’s history can sometimes be a bit of a mystery.

Since a picture can tell a thousand words, photographs remain the best way to remember Indonesia’s sometimes distorted past. On Reddit’s page of historical pictures, some long lost photos of Indonesia’s past have come to the surface.

So here are 14 Incredible Photographs From Reddit Of Indonesia’s History…

1) Dutch Marines Heading For The Beach At Pasir Putih In One Of The Final Attempts To Prevent Indonesian Independence, 1947

Reddit User: FlyingNederlander

2) Dutch Women And Children In A Japanese Internment Camp In Batavia (now Jakarta), 1945

Reddit User: LaoBa

3) Sukarno In Conversation With Other Leaders At The Belgrade Conference – The First Meeting Of The Non-Aligned Movement, 1961 

Reddit User: marquis_of_chaos

4) 3 Indonesian Men Executed By Dutch Soldiers During The Dutch Military Aggression, 1945-50

Reddit User: pimpaliciously

5) A Trench Filled With Indonesian Rebels During What The Dutch Called “Police Actions,” 1945-50

Dutch authorities attempted to hide this photograph in order to cover up Dutch atrocities at the time.

Reddit User: pimpaliciously

6) Malaysian Rangers Exiting A Royal Australian Air Force Helicopter During The Indonesia–Malaysia Confrontation, 1965 

Reddit User: deckles99

7) An American A-20 Bomber Loses His Wingman During A Shipping Raid Over Kokas In The Former Dutch East Indies – Now Papua New Guinea, July 1943

Reddit User: Seamus_OReilly

8) Indonesian Gold Miners At Work, Watched Over By Dutch Managers, Mid/Late 1800s)

9) Natives Of Nias Island Move Monoliths To A Construction Site, Circa 1915

10) A British-Indian Soldier Using A Destroyed Tank As Cover During Fighting In Surabaya, Indonesia, 27 November 1945. 

Reddit User: annoymind

11) President Sukarno Takes A Break During The Visit Of USSR Leader Nikita Khrushchev In Bali, 1960 
President Sukarno of Indonesia takes a break during the visit by Nikita Khrushchev, Bali, Indonesia, by John Dominis, 1960 [896 × 1280]


12) A 6 Year-Old Boy With A Scooter In Yogyakarta, 1957
My father at 6 years old with a scooter — Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 1957 [918 x 1284]

Reddit User: deimmunization

13) President Sukarno Of Indonesia Is Met By Then Vice President Of America Richard Nixon In Washington, 1956

Reddit User: marquis_of_chaos

14) Old Friends Sukarno And Fidel Castro Catching Up In Havana, Cuba, 1960
Achmed Sukarno and Fidel Castro, Havana, Cuba, 1960 [700 × 536]

Reddit User: marquis_of_chaos

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