Indonesia on Highest Alert as Super Volcano Rumbles

 When you live near Lake Toba, that’s a cause for alarm since the lake fills the caldera of the Toba supervolcano which erupted around 70,000 years ago, causing the largest known eruption on Earth in the last 2.5 million years.

Toba getting ready to blow and change the global climate again?

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More than 15,000 villagers in the area had already been moved to temporary shelters, disaster management officials said in a statement.

Some experts believe the last Toba eruption caused a “volcanic winter” which lowered the average global temperature by 3-5 degrees C and triggered the last glacial period. It may have caused a tremendous drop in human population at the time to barely a few thousand people.

Ash and rocks have been raining all over the area near volcano's crater.