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Indonesia Is In Lonely Planets Top 10 “Best In Travel 2019”


Indonesia Is In Lonely Planets Top 10 “Best In Travel 2019”

Indonesia offers “a kaleidoscope of experience.”

So states the Lonely Planet in its “Best In Travel 2019” Top Countries Catagory.

The Lonely Planet has been the premier guide for travelers since 1972 and has more knowledge of the world than Google Earth.

Indonesia came 7th amongst a list of dream holiday destinations, such as Belize, Panama, and Jordan. Though more surprising inclusions were Belarus, Germany and… Kyrgyzstan?

This is what the Lonely Planet had to say about traveling in Indonesia…

Lonely Planet

“Indonesia is as diverse as its span is long, from new eco-resorts offering orang-utan encounters in Sumatra to the tribal traditions of Papua.

 “More than 17,000 islands make up the medley of cultures, cuisines, and religions across the archipelago, offering a kaleidoscope of experience.”

Survival International

“Earthquakes recently struck some parts of Indonesia, which is located on the volcano-lined Pacific Ring of Fire. The response to these natural disasters is ongoing, but much of this sprawling country remains safe for visitors. Thanks to substantial investment in new air, land and sea connections, plus recent visa-free access for nationals of 169 countries, it has never been easier to explore this tropical country.”

“Go now, before all its secrets are uncovered.”

Asia Green Tourism

Topping the Lonely Planets’ list was Sri Lanka. A developing country with pristine beaches and a rich culture, Indonesia and Sri Lanka have much in common.

Though with every silver lining, comes a cloud.

The Guardian celebrated Sri Lanka’s deserved top spot on the Lonely Planet list with a stark warning that:

“A surge in tourism could ruin its natural beauty”

This is true for the Indonesian archipelago too.

If we continue to vamp up tourism in the interest of short-term profits, we will see just how short term they are.

And Indonesia’s time on any list of countries worth visiting will be over.

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