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Incredible 1946 Tourism Reel For “Bali – Paradise Isle”


Incredible 1946 Tourism Reel For “Bali – Paradise Isle”

“Near Singapore lies the gem of the Dutch East Indies “

So begins this mesmerizing footage of Bali that has garnered over 1m views on YouTube. Completely silent, you are transported back to a Bali that would have truly been the Island of the Gods. You know, before tourism took over.

It shows the Balinese people of the past go about their ancient traditions, work, and market routines, as well as an unembarrassed and scantily clad woman in traditional dress.

(Side note, if the historical culture of Indonesian woman is offensive to you, then this may be NSFW).

Watch the incredible footage from 1946 of “Bali – Paradise Isle”

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