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Who Are The Heroes Bringing The Love Of Reading To Indonesian Children?


Who Are The Heroes Bringing The Love Of Reading To Indonesian Children?

When was the last time you read a book?

Indonesia is ranked 60th amongst the 61 most literate nations, only higher than Botswana. But that can be a misleading statistic. According to UNESCO, Indonesia can boast a youth literacy rate above 99%. At the same time, the ability to read is different than the LOVE of reading.

So we wanted to celebrate the Indonesian heroes who are bringing the love of reading to Indonesian children. The people who bring that joy to those who can’t afford a book…

Firstly, let us introduce Kinong.

Kinong is a true Jakartan who drives his bemo-library around his neighbourhood to deliver books to the local children. The best part is, the girls and boys flock to the mobile library whenever Kinong comes around by their own volition, as Al Jazeera explains.

From the busy streets of Jakarta to the quiet foothills of Java, we revisit old friends of ours – Ridwan Sururi and his horse Luna.

♫ Kudapusta…

What a wonderful phrase.

It means Horse Library,

For the rest of your days.

It’s our problem free…


Kudapustaka ♫

Lion King remixes aside, there is a serious epidemic at hand.

Over 75% of the world’s 781 million illiterate adults are found in South AsiaWest Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Women represent almost two-thirds of all illiterate adults globally.

The more we glue ourselves to our phone screens, the more we confine ourselves to the prison that is our own lack of imagination. So if you are one of the lucky people that can read this article from a smart phone, why not make this the last bit of mindless internet surfing of the day?

Why not pick up a book?

Join the children that Kinong, Surang and Luna help every day and jump into a magical world of your own creation, in a way only a good book can provide.

Alternatively, if you’re too caught up in the digital world today, spread the #ReadABookDay – and help keep the love of reading alive!

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