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Graham Hancock Reveals The Secrets Of Indonesia’s Gunung Padang Pyramid


Graham Hancock Reveals The Secrets Of Indonesia’s Gunung Padang Pyramid

“This is another site that’s rewriting history”

So says best selling author and acclaimed anthropologist Graham Hancock regarding Indonesia’s mysterious Pyramid, Gunung Padang.

In this talk, he investigates the many megalithic sites that are bringing the established history of ancient Civilizations into disrepute.

Indeed, Civilization is probably older than we think.

His concluding evidence rests on the unexcavated Gunung Padang Pyramid in Java.


He introduces the groundbreaking work of Cal Tech-educated Indonesian geologist Danny Hilman Natawidjaja:

   “Using surface geology, archeology, geomagnetic survey, ground penetrating radar, resistivity, seismic tomography, drill core sampling, petrology… every technique they could bring to bare geologically on the site, they brought it.”

We now know that we are dealing with a pyramid. But the truth of what lies beneath gets even more incredible.

“There are dates that go back more than twenty thousand years.

Graham Hancock

“There is something else the data is revealing. There are 3 big rectangular chambers inside this structure.”

“We really want to know what’s in these chambers.”

But funding has dried up.

A 2014 presidential decree from SBY was rescinded by the Jokowi government, and we are no closer to finding out the ancient secrets that lie beneath Gunung Padang.

There is something groundbreaking, something world-changing hiding right beneath our feet.

Proof that our Indonesian ancestors may have been the oldest known Civilization, predating Egyptian Phearos by millennia, is waiting to be uncovered.

He finishes his enlightening talk with a warning to Civilization.

Our civilization is immensely intelligent. But we have become cruel. Survival is not yet assured.

Perhaps Gunung Padang possesses the secrets of salvation. Perhaps we have the chance to learn from forgotten Civilizations – and discover how not to become one ourselves.

We must pay this megalithic site the attention it deserves.

Our curiosity demands it…

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