Garuda di Dadaku! Hilarious Indonesian Football Commentator Goes Wild

People get very passionate about football, and that goes for Indonesians as well. However this hilarious video of a Indonesian football commentator may showcase the most passionate football fan of all time. 

Football is without a doubt the country’s favourite sport, with new legends like Egy Maulana Viki taking the sports limelight, or the fastest player in the world Terens Phiri (Indonesian) making a global name for himself and so many International Clubs enjoying Indonesian fans. So, it’s no surprise that the sport can be found within the heart and soul of this absolutely hilarious football commentator.

Cheering on his national team, Valentino Simanjuntak otherwise known as ‘Bung Jebret’ goes absolutely wild, especially when Indonesia play other Asian countris . In this process, he makes himself a living legend:

WowShack Team

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