From Brooklyn To Bangka: Willy Winarko and the Art of Rap

Represented by GoodSign Media / NSG Production, local Indonesian rapper Willy Winarko knows how to rhyme. From rappers like Jay Z to Talib Kweli, Willy speaks to a generation of Indonesians who grew up with MTV, the internet and Hip-hop.  

According to his FB page; After being a fan of the music he felt the urge to create his own rhymes based upon his stories and struggle of his life and the people around him.

Willy describes that "rap is something you feel, not what you make believe it to be." He raps about everyday life, being a student, his past experiences and struggle, love and also his country. Authenticity of his rhymes is what makes him connect with his audience… Big Will (his nick name) has a big personality and delivers a lot of energy throughout his performances while citing well crafted punchlines.

Here are two clips that show just that