Entourage Star Adrian Grenier Was in Bali, But Not For A Holiday…

Many of you will know Adrian Grenier, the American actor that played ‘Vincent Chase’ in HBO’s goodtime, fun-loving show ‘Entourage’. From 22-24 February 2017, Adrian was in Bali but not for a holiday…

What you may not know about Adrian Grenier is that he is a staunch environmental activist – presumably using his charm and dreamy eyes-like-galaxies to bring the public’s attention to a myriad of growing environmental issues. The Hollywood star was in Bali from 22-24 February 2017 to join the UN World Ocean Summit 2017, which this year was focused on finding solutions on creating a sustainable ocean economy.

Grenier takes a selfie in Nusa Dua, Bali (Source: Facebook) 

Grenier takes a selfie in Nusa Dua, Bali (Source: Facebook

Grenier was at the summit representing the Lonely Whale Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness of the problems facing the oceans and marine wildlife and inspire to take a stand against further damage. The foundation was born out of the full length documentary 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale and helps to develop and support a community of ocean advocates.

The Lonely Whale Foundation teamed up with Dell as well, creating a partnership that sees waste plastics from waterways being collected, refined and then repurposed to become part of Dell’s XP 13 2-in-1 notebook (set to be released in April 2017).

Adrian Grenier speaks to the beach crowd. (Source: Tempo.co) 

Adrian Grenier speaks to the beach crowd. (Source: Tempo.co

During the summit in Bali, Grenier spoke to the crowds on the beach of Nusa Dua, where the conference was being held, he said “we have a mandate to work collaboratively with others dealing with marine issues.” He came not only to speak, but to find other advocates of his cause. He met with TV host and also social activist Nadya Hutagalung, and Bali’s very own local heroes Melati and Isabel from the Bye Bye Plastic Bags campaign. (Watch the video of their meet up, here)

Adrian Gernier meets Nadya Hutagalung and Bye Bye Plastic Bags (Source: Twitter)

Adrian Gernier meets Nadya Hutagalung and Bye Bye Plastic Bags (Source: Twitter)

You might wonder why Indonesia was the host for this year’s summit. Well, recently Indonesia has become the second largest marine plastic polluter in the world, after China. As the world’s biggest archipelago, surrounded by ocean, this is an issue that should deeply concern all of us.

Eight million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year, and with that, it’s estimated that in 25 years the ocean will have more plastic in the ocean than fish. Adrian’s business trip to Bali is surely a worthwhile cause; lets just hope he finds a new Entourage that will help him on his mission to save the oceans.