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Eastern Roads: Indonesian Surfers Explore Sumbawa In This Epic Surf Video

Photo: Volcom


Eastern Roads: Indonesian Surfers Explore Sumbawa In This Epic Surf Video

Two pro Indonesian surfers from Volcom hit the open road from Bali to Sumbawa, in search of the best swells and waves the east can offer. This surf video Eastern Roads takes us on a surf journey of Indonesia like no other.

Surfing road trips were once journeys of discovery, searching for legendary swells, or secrets bays to call your own. It is on such a journey that families and friendships are made, where we experience the thrill of discovery and surf-life outside the waters.

So, in an effort to stay true to the soul of surf, Volcom Indonesia’s team riders Muklis Anwar and Made Winada adi Putra (“Bol”) packed their bags and boards and hit the open roads to Indonesia’s exotic eastern island of Sumbawa.

With Sumbawa’s most legedary surf spots as the destination, the boys and the Volcom crew took to land to find water. For nine epic days of hopping ferries and cruising coastal roads, the boys reignited their love for surf and also their love for Indonesia. The people they meet, the cultures they witness, the landscapes that take their breath away, it all comes together to create one amazing experience, one unforgettable memory.

Surfboards strapped to car roofs, friends squeezed in tight and killer tunes to set the scene; oh yes, the surf tastes to much sweeter when it takes you on an adventure into the unknown. So, it’s fair to say that Eastern Roads is no ordinary surf movie. It’s an epic travelogue of two surfers remembering that the journey itself is the destination.

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