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This YouTube Channel is Dedicated to ‘Funkot’ the Dangdut House Music


This YouTube Channel is Dedicated to ‘Funkot’ the Dangdut House Music

Have you ever heard of the music genre Funkot? 

Chances are, if you haven’t heard of the word, you’ve definitely heard the music. Funkot, or ‘Funky Kota’ music is a genre that grew out of Jakarta and sees the merging of house and dangdut music. See – you know it don’t you?

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s a whole YouTube Channel just for this kind of music.

Dugem Dulu

Dugem Dulu is pretty legit. With a fully-functioning website, mixcloud, Instagram account and event Facebook page with over 45,000 followers, they obviously have a pretty good fanbase – and why wouldn’t they? Almost every angkot, customised-bajaj or kopaja is blasting this funkot stuff as soon as night time comes, you know, to match their green and blue LED strip lights, obviously. You’ll here at the hottest kampung after-party and inner-city clubs.

Even if this music may not be for you, it seems Dugem Dulu provides a great platform for DJ’s in this genre, offering a space for local DJ’s to make their own mixes and to represent the area of Indonesia they come from. DJ’s submit their usually hour-long mix to Dugem Dulu, who top it off with a (we think) ironic ‘gadis model’ photo thumbnail to give it that perfect Funkot touch – nice!

Anyway, if you’re ever in the mood for some ‘funkot’ on a Friday, Dugem Dulu bro: 

Check out their website: 

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