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Draco Volans Lizard Species Photographed In Indonesia Resemble Dragons

Photo: @Javier_M.


Draco Volans Lizard Species Photographed In Indonesia Resemble Dragons

As it turns out, dragons do exist. The tiny lizards are known as “common flying dragon” and over the course of thousands of years, they developed the ability to fly as a way of evading predators.

Their small, wing-like appendages allow them to soar from tree to tree in order to escape from predators, find insects, and attract potential mates. They have the ability to soar more than nine meters (about 30 feet) in one go.

Their wings are rather different than your average bird’s wings, as they are actually a set of elongated ribs, which they can extend and retract.

Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about them pillaging any towns any time soon. Dracos only reach about 20 centimeters (eight inches) long. Also, they don’t breathe fire. However, in spite of their size (and their lack of fire breathing), they are highly territorial. Males will use their ability to glide to chase rivals from the two or three trees they claim as their own.

Although Dracos usually avoid going to the ground, females still must descend to deposit eggs. The lizard uses her pointed snout to create a small hole in the ground, where she lays about five eggs and then covers the hole with dirt. She remains on the ground for about 24 hours, fiercely guarding the nest, and then returns to the trees and leaves the eggs to their fate.

@National Geographic

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