Disturbing Photos Circulate of Woman Posing In Front Of Hercules C-130 Plane Crash Site

A Hercules C-130 tragically crashed in a residential area in Medan, North Sumatra's capital on Tuesday, shortly after take-off with 113 people on board.

Photos of two woman displaying a severe lack of empathy at the crash site have been circulating across Facebook, Twitter and Path.

At least 141 people are dead after the Indonesian Air Force plane crashed and burst into flames.

Footage broadcast on local television networks showed crowds in Medan, North Sumatra, gathering around the burning aircraft as rescuers attempted to cordon off the area.

Among those in the crowd were two woman who appear to be posing for a photo in front of the crash site. 

The woman are both seemingly smiling as they're photographed by someone wearing a police uniform.

Amongst the barrage of criticism on social media, one Facebook user exclaimed "Jeez... Where's the empathy!?"

It has been suggested that the man is taking a photo of the crash site rather than the woman. It is not yet known who took the photo and when the photo was taken. It is also a possibility that the image was digitally manipulated. Hopefully it was.