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David Bowie’s Very Own Bali


David Bowie’s Very Own Bali

Despite Bowie’s fascination with Bali, he didn’t actually buy a house there.

Instead, he opted for the incredibly isolated island of Mustique, in the Caribbean, home to no more than 100 houses or villas. Perfect privacy, which perhaps Bowie wouldn’t have been able to find in Bali.

David Bowie supposedly partying in Bali - source unknown

David Bowie partying in Bali – source unknown

His home – which was eventually sold to the millionaire publisher Felix Dennis for $5,000,000 (according to The Telegraph) – was called ‘Mandalay’. The most intriguing part of it, however, is that the house has incredibly strong Balinese and Indonesian elements infused into it. Bowie’s own Bali, right in the middle of the Caribbean!

Here he is rocking a sarong at his living room entrance, featuring beautiful Balinese doors.

Bali-based Designer Linda Garland together with landscape architect Michael White (also Bali-based) were the ones responsible for this infusion of Indonesian architecture. Here we can see the dining structure, clearly a classic Joglo design.

The compound structure, with its open, the al-fresco style has been described as very Balinese. Bowie said, “The thing about Mandalay, is that it is broken up into little areas that you can get lost in.”

Inside, Bowie also features gorgeous old Javanese furniture like these old colonial planter’s chairs and gaming table (as described by Architectural Digest).

And here he is, in true Bowie style, enjoying these very chairs in a sarong and all.

Well, if Bowie wants to recreate a Balinese fantasy home elsewhere, that’s definitely something Indonesia should be proud of!

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