Crowdfunding Indonesia's Future with StartSomeGood

In a country with vast inequalities, an inefficient government and rampant growth of capitalism in private sectors, it’s easy for ‘the little guy’ to be left out. Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly, but it doesn't mean that all our problems are being solved and that everyone is getting a fair share.

Enter Internet- An open, expansive means of connection and communication. Enter kind-hearted people of the world. What do we get? A future where we, the people, can cut out the bureaucracy, cut out the middle man and send money to where it’s needed. This is the future of crowdfunding, and StartSomeGood are leading the way in this global, social phenomenon. Best part is, it’s happening right here in Indonesia. 

WowShack got in touch with Stephanie Arrowsmith, one of StartSomeGood’s Asia representatives, to learn a little more. What she tells us is this: StartSomeGood was founded in 2011 and is a crowdfunding platform that looks to support social entrepreneurs and do-gooders, helping them to raise the funds they need to make a difference. They open windows of opportunity for anyone willing to make a positive impact, they call these people ‘changemakers’.

Their initiatives can be entrepreneurial (for-profit), activism, community organization, research, advocacy, etc – as long as you can prove your ability to have social impact, you’re in. They have raised over $3.5million in over 30 countries, so we can only imagine the kind of impact this has made to select communities. No more of this ‘trickle-down’ mythology we were made to believe, this is real change where its needed, fed by the generosity of the online community. 

StartSomeGood has been active in Indonesia since 2012 and has had over 15 successful campaigns. It is with this kind of community driven change-making, we can see the Indonesian people find their way out of the bad hand that was dealt to them. Here are some amazing examples of StartSomeGood success stories in Indonesia:-

1) Learn to Live

This initiative, founded by Yanti Turang, brings healthcare to the people of North Sulawesi via three-week traveling clinics with teams of doctors, nurses, and medical students from the United States and Australia. The clinics provide basic healthcare, teach preventative strategies, and initiate follow-up care with local health facilities, when needed.

Not only are they helping to provide healthcare to local Indonesians; it also helps the volunteering health workers to gain some experience. They have crowdfunded with StartSomeGood four times: First in 2011 for their pilot project, and then three times after that to fund the subsequent clinics. Each campaign raised more than $6000. Allowing them to visit remote areas in Sulawesi and do their part to make a difference. Follow them on twitter to stay updated.

2) Ubud Fire Relief

On November 20, 2014, a café burnt down in the popular art town of Ubud in Bali. Although no one was killed or injured, there was severe damage caused to the livelihoods of a number of families, whose homes and temples burnt down along with the café’s fire.

A community gathered, a cross section of Ubud residents, both international and local. Together they strived to rebuild the lives of the families who lost everything. Thanks to a StartSomeGood campaign, $17,821 was raised, helping to fund the reconstruction of the homes. 

3) Tomorrow, Today

This initiative, based near Jakarta, used crowdfunding to start an educational program for refugees and asylum seekers in Cisarua. Families from Iran, Afghanistan, and others, are in Indonesia seeking asylum. Whilst they are safe compared to the home countries, they still have no life and their children are growing up without any learning opportunities.

One of the families seeking asylum

One of the families seeking asylum

This funding wouldn't be possible through government, grants etc due to the sensitive political nature, therefore they used the power of community generosity to make it happen. Although the campaign was not out to support Indonesians, with it’s $9,330 crowd funding, these previously marginalized children were given an education and therefore a future, one that the Indonesian government could not provide.


Make a Change

You’ve heard the success stories. People around the world are helping to make changes right here in Indonesia. This country has numerous problems, but through such a platform like StartSomeGood, we can finally fund the numerous solutions to these problems.

The good news is, we can all start helping today. Helping the people around us that we don't realize need help. Helping people on the other side of the country, or on the other side of the world… Or perhaps we too can start our own campaign. You could be the next changemaker.

Right now there is a live StartSomeGood campaign happening in Indonesia. Bali Women’s Skills Education (BaliWISE) was established in 2007. Their program assists over a 150 young women each year to develop skills that allow access to fair-wage employment. Their students are from disadvantaged, low-income and at-risk families from all over Bali. 

See how you can help:

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