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Inventive, Complicated Names For Kids Is The New Trend In Indonesia


Inventive, Complicated Names For Kids Is The New Trend In Indonesia

We have covered some of the crazier names across Indonesia, like Royal Jelly and Andy Go To School, but there is a new trend growing in Indonesia.

Hard and complicated names that take people 10 seconds or more to read before they even attempt to pronounce it – these are the cool new names to give your child.

What are these names?

You may yourself be the proud mother/father of a little, Xiovariel, Queennaya, Ghassan, Aldebaran, Altair, Azzahra, Ixia, Yuriexa, Razanaraghda or Odhiyaulhaq.

And having a little child with a long name could be the only way to prove you are a cool, young Indonesian family.

Many parents-to-be acquire the names via baby-name generators on the internet, leading to the diverse language origins (Czech, Irish, Spanish and Arabic) and the unusual spellings (that include “ee,” “rr,” “yy,” “zz,” “gh,” or “sh”), as well as the presence of dashes and even quotation marks to indicate the nasal intonation of spoken Arabic.

Gone are the days of little Budi’s, Bambang’s, Ani’s and Wati’s running around. Even the newer Annisa’s have phased out among urban middle-class parents.

Inspiration now comes from movies (Denzel, Aisha), famous football players (Xisco) or even computer game characters (Altair).

The full names can be especially difficult for the poor old civil registry clerks, tested on their Monday morning with a tricky “Muhammad Akhtar Rayyan Izz al Diin” or “Fayyadh Labib Ullaya Al-ghazi” – just some of the names shared by parents on the internet community, The Urban Mama.

Traditionally named parents Steve Saputra, 35, and Nofiatun Mariana, 28, named their firstborn Keenan Almiqdad Riyandhana Saputra… Try to say that correctly out loud, first time!

The six-year-old boy himself said he was often teased by friends because of his long name, but that he took it all in stride.

“The name Keenan means ‘unique’, and Almiqdad, or Al Miqdad, was a close friend of the prophet Muhammad, who always helped out in moments of hardship,” he said.

Sulis told The Jakarta Post that they started thinking about their son’s name four months before he was born. “He’s our first child so we wanted his name to have meaning.

Each of his names held meaning, Sulis said. The name Keenan means “son” in Gealic; Aydan means passion in Turkish; and Arrayyan in Arabic is a door to heaven for those who fast.

Deviating from traditional names seems to be happening globally, not just Indonesian. But trust us to take it to the next level!

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