Terrifying Video Of Massive Komodo Dragons Fighting

If you've ever visited Komodo National Park, you would have noticed that the guides often carry a stick in order…

4 weeks ago

Fitting European Countries In Indonesia By Population – Indonesia Is Huge!

The fact that the island of Java alone has almost the same population as Russia is pretty mind-boggling

4 weeks ago

Orangutan Orphans Trained With Rubber Cobra To Fear Snakes In The Wild

It takes around 8 years for young orangutans to learn how to survive in the wild - and that’s with…

2 months ago

Indonesia Created Manta Ray Sanctuaries Upon Realising Each Manta Brings Lifetime Tourism Income of $1M

In 2014, Indonesia was declared to be the world's largest sanctuary for manta rays, after officials were persuaded by evidence…

2 months ago

Sir David Attenborough Gets Emotional Over Pangolin He Saved In Bali In 1950s

Sir David Attenborough is perhaps the worlds most famous naturalist. Famed for his BBC documentaries like Blue Planet, he is…

2 months ago

Sea Bed Hunting On One Breath – Indonesian Hunter Fishes Underwater For 5 Minutes

Sulbin, a Bajau fisherman of 'sea nomads' hunts for his dinner his own way; under the deep sea. Literally. 65…

2 months ago

Indonesia’s Bold Climate Commitment Has a Coal Problem

As countries work to reduce their carbon emissions and become more climate-friendly, Indonesia is both a land of optimism and…

3 months ago

Draco Volans Lizard Species Photographed In Indonesia Resemble Dragons

As it turns out, dragons do exist. The tiny lizards are known as “common flying dragon” and over the course…

4 months ago

Borneo Earless Monitors Resemble Dragons And Are The “Holy Grail” Of Lizard Species

Called "the Holy Grail of herpetologists" among the global community of reptile aficionados because so little is known about them,…

5 months ago