CAN YOU SEE MUSIC? New Original Sound Experiments Hit Indonesia

Electronic dance music (EDM) is peaking in popularity worldwide - and lovers of the genre in Indonesia have something new to get excited about.

Indonesia's EDM scene has experienced dramatic growth over the past 20 years. From local DJs in Jakarta organising underground dance music events in 1995, to today's climate where it's not uncommon for Indonesia to play host to some of the world's most popular DJs.

Indonesia's EDM community are still being exposed to new artists, new technology and new ideas - the latest of which to grace Indonesia is the Heineken Green Room, Original Sound Experiments.

Here are 3 things about this year's installation you can look forward to being a part of...

1. The Orb

The orb is the centrepiece of the Green Room - and it's kind of what you'd imagine if a computer and a giant disco ball had a baby. This event invites you to enjoy music more than usual, "CAN YOU SEE MUSIC?". This may sound strange. Just come and enjoy!.



Using the event's mobile app, you can take a selfie and send it up to be projected on the orb - an interesting way to let your friends know that you you've made it! You can also project your heartbeat on the orb or see how the party compares with other green rooms.



2. Discover Talented Local DJs

There's plenty of local DJ talent in Indonesia waiting to be discovered. The Green Room hosts all local DJs



3. Multiple Nights Across Six Different Cities

Jakarta locals are used to being spoiled with the top International acts, but these events take place all across the archipelago. Here's the list of Heineken events.

4 September 2015 - Surabaya - CLUB 360
5 September 2015 - Surabaya - FOREPLAY CLUB
11 September 2015 - Samarinda - MUSE
12 September 2015 - Samarinda - DEJAVU KITCHEN, BAR & KTV
18 September 2015 - Jakarta - EMPlRICA
19 September 2015 - Bandung - SHELTER
30 September 2015 - Bali - MIRROR CLUB & LOUNGE
3 October 2015 - Bali - VELVET & HYPNOTIZED
9 October 2015 - Bogor - X-ONE CLUB