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Bali’s Amazing New Creative Centre Could Be The World’s First


Bali’s Amazing New Creative Centre Could Be The World’s First

Indonesia is home to the world’s First Creative Centre.

This revolutionary new take on the Coworking space concept is fast becoming the talk of Bali.

Not only does it provide Work Spaces and Meeting Room, but also 4 Creative Studios. Film & Photography, Fashion, Art was well as a Music & Recording Studios.

Finally, there is a place to create, collaborate and exhibit under one roof.

It’s called Genesis Creative Centre.


Coworking Space Vs. Creative Centre

According to Indonesia boasts over 150 registered Coworking Spaces.

This can range from world-famous institutions to glorified cafes… or actual cafes.

Their business model can often be boiled down to:

1) Fast Internet

2) Fun Work Environment

3) Constant Caffeine Supply

As a result, the CO-Working side of the bargain is often lacking as well as the space to really get creative. To produce something of real value.

Is that technically Coworking?

Are these really the most optimal arenas to foster the plethora of young talent our society offers?


To accelerate the collaborative philosophy, a new approach is being taken right here in Indonesia, right now.

Genesis is Bali, Indonesia and possibly the world’s first multi-disciplinary Creative Centre.


Located in Canggu – The Coworking Capital of the World – Genesis invites you to Embark on your creative journey…

They provide the space and materials.

You bring the inspiration and desire to drive your dream into reality.

Importantly, compared to other studios, they’ve made their spaces accessible and affordable.

High profile sponsors flocked to the innovative idea when it was just that – an idea. They provided the crucial pieces in the puzzle by sponsoring some quality equipment.

Pondok Lensa Photography Studio

(Rp.330k / $23 per hour)

Ideal for photoshoots, interviews, YouTube series, masterclasses and much besides.


With Bandung based Film & Photography company Pondok Lensa on board, members can rent further equipment at a discounted rate.

Complete with iMac and editing software, there’s more value for money in this photography studio than any other.

Art Studio

(Rp.110k / $8USD per hour)

The lost art of traditional art has the perfect space to be reinvigorated.


The therapeutic nature of turning a blank canvass into life can be a meditative process, or entrepreneurial in its own right.


Hobbyists and commercial painters, drawers and sculptors need the space for their imagination to jump into the world.

Atila & Co. Fashion Studio

(Rp. 165k or $12 USD per hour)

Indonesia is the birth place of some of the most beautiful and longest standing fashion styles on earth.


Bali itself is also home to many boutique clothing brands, who often need that extra space to imagine and produce their next collection.

Pioneer DJ Music & Recording Studio

(Rp. 220k/ $15 USD per hour)

This is probably the coolest studio Genesis offers.

The sound proof studio, complete with world class Pioneer gear, is capable of producing the next global club hit.


The microphones and recording booth everything songwriters and vocalists need to get their voice on record.

How about a crystal clear podcast?

As the world turns away from mainstream media towards outliers and their podcasts, boundary pushing conversations are becoming an art form in their own right.

Is It For You?

Picture this scenario:

You are a startup, solopreneur or a gang of friends that want to change the world.

You’ve got a really cool product that the world will love, want or need.

Perhaps you need a photography studio to capture the perfect image for your brand.

Perhaps you need to interview an innovative individual for your media platform.

Perhaps you need to turn your online presence into something tangible and touchable.

Perhaps you don’t even know how expansive you and your ideas can be, due to the limitations of your environment.

Perhaps you need to be surrounded by, and collaborate with, other creatives to fully unleash your true potential.

Perhaps you need to be working out of a Creative Centre.

Indeed, they’ve already had some high profile users in the space.


“As someone who loves to create, Genesis is totally a place helping people like me be more productive and creative in many ways”



“Having checked out multiple Coworking spaces in Bali, Genesis takes the crown. The aesthetic of each room really promotes a good working environment, and it’s great to finally have a place specifically for photo shoots, making music and art.”


Even with increasingly expert attention, the studios are designed to serve amateur, semi-professional and aspirational creatives.

Creativity exists in everyone.

As a result, rather than only targeting a millennial “Digital Nomad” market, their doors are open to everyone.

Whether you’re a part-time freelance photographer,


A full-time mother wanting to share her imagination with the world,


A determined fashionista designing their original collection,


Or the next John Lennon waiting to pluck his first guitar strings.


As Genesis Embarks On It’s Own Creative Journey, it should come as no surprise that this one-of-a-kind Creative Centre concept has first emerged in Bali.

It’s as if the Creative Spirit on Island of the Gods has awakened once more.

  The Genesis of Genesis is still in its early days. But it’s fast becoming the talk of Canggu, and the island as a whole.

With the rest of the archipelago’s major cities in its sights, the potential of this lean start-up is seemingly limitless.

And in a world that is lacking imagination, Creative Centre’s like this won’t just be wanted…

They’ll be needed.

IG: @inspireatgenesis

FB: Inspire At Genesis

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