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Asia’s First ‘Hanging Hotel’ To Open On Mount Parang, West Java


Asia’s First ‘Hanging Hotel’ To Open On Mount Parang, West Java

On the steep sides of Mount Parang, Purwakarta, West Java, a brand new hotel has opened up that literally brings the tourism industry to new heights! The ‘Hanging Hotel’ is sparking interest amongst outdoor lovers far and near.

Mount Parang, West Java. Source:

Indonesia is home to a vast range of beautiful landscapes. With that, over the years Indonesian’s have grown their interest in the great outdoors, with running clubs, cycling clubs, hiking clubs increasing in memberships. Why? Well, people are finally realising two things: it’s good for their health and well, they’re in one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and they shouldn’t waste time indoors!

Being on the ‘Ring of Fire’, Indonesia is blessed with a spine of volcanoes and towering mountains that have risen from the depths over millions of years. Today, we enjoy the stunning panoramas of these mountains.

Climbers view from Mount Parang. Source:

In West Java, one particular mountain is popular for the daredevils and adrenaline seekers. Mount Parang – stretching 1.5km North to South with its highest peak at 963m above sea level, boasting views of the man-made Jatiluhur reservoir and dam – is heaven for Indonesian rock climbers.

Whilst previously views were only enjoyed momentarily by climbers, the newest installation hanging 900m above the ground will let people enjoy the views through the night.

Gunung Parang Hanging Hotel


The “Hanging Hotel” is the first of its kind in Asia, however, it is very similar to (and probably inspired by) the ‘Skylodge’ in Cusco, Peru. It is just like a hotel room, with a bedroom that can fit 3 people, dry toilet and small living space. Believe it or not, it is even fit with air conditioning, electricity and a kettle!

The 1-ton, polycarbonate construction is secured with 20 steel ropes said to be strong enough to hold 2-tons per rope. A review by Tribun News noted that upon entering the capsule, it felt secure and didn’t move around when they were inside.


Local authorities believe this will inspire or motivate people to get outdoors, as well as bring people to Purwakarta for tourism. The ‘hotel’ is operational since 28 October 2017, but they plan to create 9 more rooms by next year.

Will you be checking into the Hanging Hotel?
Check out this video Tribun News did during their review:

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