19 Of The Funniest Indonesian Expressions (And How To Use Them)

4 days ago
WowShack Team

As is the case with all languages, Bahasa Indonesia is full of expressions that invariably get lost in translation. Here…

The Incredible History Of The Aceh Sultanate From 1480 – 1903

If you ever wanted a video to explain the history of the Aceh Sultanate, this is it, courtesy of YouTube…

1 week ago

A Study Of Kawisari’s Efficient Javanese Language

Javanese is the native language of more than 98 million people - more than 42% of Indonesia. Javanese is known…

2 weeks ago

This Is What Jakarta Looked Like In 1754 – Incredibly Detailed Dutch Artwork

Vue de l'île et de la ville de Batavia appartenant aux néerlandais, pour la Compagnie des Indes Translated to: "View…

4 weeks ago

Terrifying Video Of Massive Komodo Dragons Fighting

If you've ever visited Komodo National Park, you would have noticed that the guides often carry a stick in order…

4 weeks ago

Fitting European Countries In Indonesia By Population – Indonesia Is Huge!

The fact that the island of Java alone has almost the same population as Russia is pretty mind-boggling

4 weeks ago

Indonesian Railway Crossing Uses A Giant Cleaver In An Attempt To Improve Safety

You can't beat a bit of Indonesian originality and creativity.   This creation by an unknown netizen could potentially be…

1 month ago

Map Showing The Closest Country To You When You’re In Indonesia

Many Indonesians would think that Malaysia is the closest country to Indonesia. However, this is only true if you're in…

2 months ago

10 Indonesian Portmanteaus (Two Words Combined To Make A New Word)

Indonesians are perhaps the most prolific users of portmanteaus in the world. So what's a portmanteau? The chances are you're familiar…

2 months ago