All Are Welcome! Except the Aussies... Indonesia Changes Visa Policy

30 new countries have had visa requirements waived in an attempt to boost tourism to the country. Finally, people across the globe will realise that the entire world fits into a single archipelago. Indonesia.

With the new "Free-Visa List," at least 1 million new foreign tourists are expected to visit the country this year, bringing an extra US$1.2 billion into the economy. 

This unfortunately (or fortunately?) does not apply to Indonesia's Southern neighbour, Australia.

The reason cited for Australia's exclusion is that: “Australia applies a universal visa policy, which requires all people coming to Australia to possess a visa, including Indonesians. Therefore, a reciprocity principle applies here in Indonesia.” 

Fair enough?

Perhaps, but there may be more than a little bit of statecraft going on behind the scenes with this exclusion. 

Though it's unlikely that the $35 tariff is going to dry up Bali soon. No doubt the Kuta nightlife will be filled with happy-go-lucky, Southern-Cross touting, Aussie Bintang-Swillers for some time to come.

Despite their exclusion, the new rule is going to open up the country to the world, and we can show off what this country truly offers.

If your Passport is on the list, why not make this the year that you experience the magic that is Indonesia?